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AroFlo develops and sells cloud-based software for trades businesses. Staff are invited to write blog posts on topics that would appeal to the client base. I edited the posts below and proposed suitable multi-media elements such as infographics. Marketing staff developed the multi-media elements I suggested, selected stock images for the headers, and published the posts. A recent site redesign has seen the visuals removed from these posts.

6 Critical Cashflow Tips for Small Business

Understanding Material Theft


QikSolve, a consultancy that specialises in quality management systems, asked me to research and write a series of posts to help boost their site’s search engine rankings. I applied a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques requested by QikSolve to these pieces. QikSolve staff selected stock images and published the posts.

Key Benefits of Document Management Using Metadata

5 Common Questions About Office 365 Data Security


I researched and wrote the posts below as part of the assessment for the Graduate Diploma of Digital Media I completed in 2018. The exercises required me to incorporate a range of multi-media elements into each piece, so you’ll find Creative Commons images, as well as infographics and podcasts that I created myself.

GDPR: Gold Standard or Wishful Thinking?

Is Privacy Still a Thing?

Has Digital-Media Culture Changed How We Become Who We Are?

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