Technical Writing

It’s not always possible to retain copies of the technical writing work I do, as much of it is for internal use only. Where it’s not possible to provide examples of my work, I’ll list here the types of documents I’ve written or edited, and the organisations I did the work for.


AroFlo develops software for use by trades businesses. I worked there for four years as a Technical Content Writer. Here’s a Help page I wrote. In addition to the Help pages themselves (not all of which I wrote, but which I and one other writer maintained), I developed the concept for the Online Help portal, which had previously looked a bit busy. I wrote video scripts for most AroFlo features. Here are some recent examples. I also edited AroFlo’s Marketing content. See my Blog Posts page for examples of AroFlo blog posts I’ve reviewed.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

This is Australia’s national blood bank, now known as Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. I worked in the National Quality Department’s Documentation Team for 5.5 years (the first year or so as a consultant). The organisation is regulated by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, which has a number of requirements relating to how documentation should be written and managed. As a Technical Writer, I was responsible for:

  • writing and editing standard operating procedures, work instructions, forms, training material, intranet content, presentations and more
  • delivering training and coaching in technical writing to in-house subject matter experts who had some responsibility for documenting their areas of expertise
  • advising the business on editorial and document control matters.


This is a large financial services firm based in Brussels. I worked there for 3.5 years as a Technical Editor. The work was highly technical and the documents I worked on were large – often between 50 and 80 pages long. There were up to 30 reviewers on each project, spread across Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, so the reviews were as complex as the documents themselves. I took charge of updating and maintaining the Euroclear Style Guide during the time I was there, and was the go-to person for the document repository.

Before Technical Writing

Before my technical writing and editing roles, I spent two years as a marketing copywriter at NuSkin Enterprises‘ European office in Brussels, and eight years in training and management development roles at DHL.

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